Why Train Here? Extremely Lower Costs!

1. The interactive training courses we provide are designed specifically for your pregnancy resource center.
2. There is no cost to travel the long distance or even across town to attend a 1 or 2-day training event.
3. There is no room or board to pay. Unnecessary expenses are done away with by using online training.
4. There are no parking fees to pay.
5. There is no airfare or bus fare needed to access this training.
6. There is no organization or membership required to take this course.
7. At the cost of $49.95 to $79.05 to take the course, you stand to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent on association membership fees, travel, overnight stays and such simply by utilizing our user-friendly, very affordable online training courses. Center’s save even more by using our affordable UNLIMITED TRAINING plan of only $99.95 per month.

Why Train Here? Do-it-Yourself, When-Where-How you want!~

Online training’s major benefit is that you are able to access it when and where and how you prefer. Our courses are mobile-ready for iPhones, SmartPhones, Tablets and any desktop. Thus, you can access training when and from where you are: home, work, vacation or at the library. You are in control of your own training. The rich, challenging and inspiring content is always accessible and available once you have registered. In other words, you can take the course over and over or refer to it as often as you like.

Why Train Here? Every Center has the need for new leaders!

Because every center has never-ending needs for on-going training. Executive directors come and go. Volunteer Client services or Client advocates come and go. Board of Directors also come and go. Men who want to help other men in recovery come and go. Women who want to help other women come and go. Thus, training is an always needed tool for the center’s health and effectiveness.

Why Train Here? It is low cost, easy to use and fully mobile!

This training center offers easy-to-use, fully mobile training. Yes, you can pre-register online without even giving a credit card, you can access the training online right on your smartphone or tablet when and where you wish.

Why Train Here? It has been field-proven worthwhile!

Our training is the core training course used to train 2500 directors year ago. However, because ‘things have changed’ over the years, today’s training addresses the ever-changing elements of Basics Training, but dives deep into the world of audio, video, radio, television, cable television, web and social media used to promote your group intelligently and efficiently.