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Questions commonly asked

How long does the course take to complete?

Our courses are averaging between 45-90 pages of content. an average person should be able to complete a course in one long session or several short sessions. the time it takes is up to you. Once you have registered for a course, you have unlimited access to this course for life. You can use it as a refresher, as a resource tool or just a way to stay focused on your mission.

Does the Men's or Women's Recovery Leadership courses train for any particular recovery model or workbook?

Our training is based on their role and their preparation for leadership, not a specific recovery course.

What credentials do you have for training my volunteers or staff?

Your trainer has had over 34 years experience as a pregnancy center director of a sonogram based Center next door to an abortion clinic along with 10 years of training 2,500 directors and after-abortion recovery after writing one of the first recovery models ever used. He is considered the “PA” or FATHER OF BIBLICAL RECOVERY FOR CENTERS. Additionally, he has had to market ever event and promote his group and as a center director has had to create run and actually engage 7 different boards and he has had to train Client Services directors and volunteers so forth. Additionally, he has for now over 20 years served local Pregnancy Center directors boards and staff.

Do you have a personal experience with abortion?

Your trainer was the cause of abortion in his teens and his own sister was the victim of two abortions. Thus, his personal life and family life were devastated by abortion before discovering the healing of Jesus Christ.

How much will it cost for five of our volunteers to take the course?

The individual rate is $79.95. A group of five bring the cost down to $49.95 per person.

Can we take this course using my SmartPhone IPAD or tablet?

Yes, our course is completely mobile-ready.