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Executive Director Advanced Training



Here, there is no travel, overnight expenses or high registration fees.

You will discover an in-depth, rich level of training provided by a veteran of the pregnancy center community with over 34 years field experience.

This is training for the individual wanting to understand his or her role and purpose as an Executive Director.

This training is deep. 86 pages of rich content, designed to equip you for the many hats you must wear as a director but rarely are trained for them.

A trained director is an effective, confident and competent director.


86 pages of deep content spanning eight primary chapters of content.

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Chapter One:
-1. Welcome to this Course
-2. Purposes – Objectives – Benefits
-3. What to Expect
-4. What is Expected of You?

Chapter Two:
-1. What have I been called to do?
-2. How do I know that I have been called?
-3. God’s Calling and Power
-4. Five Keys for Validating Your Calling
-5. Other Key Considerations about your calling
-6. God’s Gifting
-7. Learn More about God’s Gifting
-8. Receive the Holy Spirit
-9. Learn More about the Holy Spirit
*10. Learn about Predestination
-11. Quiz Chapter Two

Chapter 3:
-1. Learn the Lessons of Nehemiah
-2. Quiz Chapter Three

Chapter 4
-1. Who should Help others
-2. Who is Qualified to Help Others?
-3. Why You are Able to Help Others
-4. Special Considerations
-5. Understanding Your Client
-6. Look into the mind of a client
-7. Characteristics of Life Dominating Problems
-8. Other Issues that cause Life-Dominating problems
-9. Beware the Narcissistic Client
-10. Understand D.I.D.
-11. Understand Millennials
-11.1 Disconnected Generation by Josh McDowell
-11.2 Learn more about the Disconnected Generation
-11.3 Learn about Dick Roth’s KNOWN
-12. Reaching the Abortion Minded Woman
-13. Learn about Sex Trafficking
-14. Quiz Chapter Four

Chapter 5:
-1. You are able to help others
-2. Tips for Recruiting Other Leaders
-3. Six Qualities of Quality Volunteers
-4. Whose are you?
-5. Be Empowered
-6. Grow Your Own Personal Faith
-7. Manage Your Mind – Take Every Thought Captive
-8. Quiz Chapter Five

Chapter 6
-1. Success in Helping Others
-2. Seek those enhancing and expanding capabilities
-3. Prayer is most important
-4. Pray for Discernment
-5. God’s Word Works!
-6. Don’t be a Resceurer
-7. Eight Keys for Overcoming Spiritual Attacks
-8. Ministry to an UnChristian World
-9. Do’s and Don’s
-10. Setting Healthy Boundaries
-11. Watch Your Back
-12. Keep your center legal
-13. The Many Hats You Must Wear
-14. Manage Center Data
-15. Quiz Chapter Six

Chapter 7:
-1. Scheduling Considerations for Recovery Classes
-2. Class Forms
-3. Quiz Chapter Seven

Chapter 8:
-1. Promoting Your Center
-2. Word of Mouth Advertising
-3. Radio Reaches the Masses
-4. Choose a Pro
-5. Free Broadcasting
-6. What is a PSA?
-7. Getting ready to write your PSA
-8. Placing Your PSA
-9. Produce your own Show
-10. Cable TV & Internet Video
-11. How to buy commercial airtime
-12. How Last Harvest Uses Video
-13. Use Your Own Website
-14. Use Your Email List
-15. Use Social Media
-16. Power of the Press Release
-17. Magic Words For Contacting Media
-18. Using OPEDs to Spread Hope
-19. Reach out to the National Media
-20. Review of this course
-21. Final Quiz