– 12.5 Understanding the Sonogram

As a client Advocate you will assist with ultrasounds possibly. Thus, learn from this video the basics of a first trimester ultrasound.

Not every Center is sonogram equipped. More centers every week are being added and transformed into what is called a limited Medical Clinic. Sonograms in these centers are used merely to determine the age of the baby following a positive pregnancy test.

In our early work with a sonogram back in 1984 we watched as the supportive churches would send us women from there church to have free sonograms. We found that we were doing 25 while I called Friendly Fire time cases versus the one or two abortion minded cases that we would have from the Abortion Center next door.

We quickly changed our rules to say that a sonogram could only be done after a positive pregnancy test. This help cut down on what we called Friendly Fire period

If you are asked to help with or assist with a sonogram you may be asked to tell the client while she’s experiencing or you may be asked to actually handle the Doppler.