– 12.6 Helping The After Abortion Client

As a client Advocate, you may have to help explain the recovery and the process of recovery to the hurting individual asking for after abortion recovery support.

If you recall the information we provided in understanding your client listed a number of factors that will be present in an after abortion client.

The key to remember is that she hurts and feels that she can’t forgive herself. Your Role will be to encourage her to know that she is loved more than she knows how to be loved. To tell her that she is loved more than she wants to be loved. And that there is a hope and a future awaiting her.

Sometimes simply praying for her healing is the most you can do. Other times she may have many questions about the course and to be able to be versed in what the course offers be sure to work with your after abortion facilitator even attend one of the support groups so that you can actually know what she’s facing.

And certainly, this goes back to understanding you’re calling in your gifting and are you ready to serve others. If you have not dealt with issues in your own life helping someone else may be problematic.

This is why it’s important for new volunteers new staff members examine your own self and possibly go through the recovery process to make sure that you are healed from every hurt you have before you try to help someone else.

By understanding the after-abortion client you will become a better client advocate.