6. Prayer is Important

As you pray remember that you are going to be under attack from demonic spirits. Step one: learn to pray against demonics that are attacking you.



Listen to this video on prayer:

The old saying: Prayer changes things is true. It is recommended that you never start a work without first praying for God to bring the people you are to serve.

Remember, unless God builds the house, it is built in vain. Leaders have told me that they spent years advertising and promoting their center to no avail.

No one would ask for help. No women would sign up for a group. Then, when they call me complaining and asking for my advice (some ready to throw in the towel) they hear me say PRAY!

Pray for guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. Pray yourself out of the way so that God’s Holy Spirit can freely move through you.

Learn this vitally important lesson: you are not superman, neither are you Jesus Christ. You are His ambassador where you serve.

Take heed to the lesson the Sons of Sceva learned in the Bible. You alone, do not know what to say. There is nothing you can learn, there is no course to take to prepare you for the depth of pain you will see.

When the Holy Spirit begins to speak you will not even remember what you said. But what you say will be powerful, effective, and will cut like a knife between soul and spirit. PRAY!

Establish an intercessory prayer team of dedicated people who understand the importance of active prayer. Have them pray for you, your member directors. Have them pray for each individual lead
ing your center.


Prayer is a powerful tool in leadership

Should you ever need prayer, fill free to ask me to pray with you! TELEPHONE 214-703-0505.

Intercession is fervent “offensive” prayer. Intercession is not a “bless me” prayer. Intercession is a dedicated prayer of protection for someone, a prayer of action against the enemy of life. Do you feel called to such a life of prayer?

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