7. What Is Your Job Description?

The Client Advocate at most Pregnancy Centers is responsible for the education, emotional support, and assistance of clients at the Center.

This position is under the supervision of the Executive Director and Director of Client Services.

Onsight Training is commonly provided by the center you will go to work with.

Your Job Responsibilities

Client-Related Responsibilities may include:
1. Greet clients and complete intake forms relevant to client needs.

2. Provide emotional support in a pleasant and non-judgmental tone.

3. Maintain a pleasant and courteous voice with clients, offering assistance, especially to abortion-vulnerable clients.

4. Conduct pregnancy tests and assist with Doppler readings.

5.Familiarize yourself with referral files and be able to effectively give information to clients.

6. Provide education and referrals related to adoption, post-abortion healing, social services, and other areas of need.

7. Provide education and guidance in the areas of abstinence, secondary virginity, contraception, and STDs, as well as in the areas of fetal development and abortion.

Knowing your responsibility will help make you a more effective more confident Client Services director.