– 11.1. Grow your faith

One of the most important things you can do as a client Advocate is to always grow your faith. Grow your faith by learning, by studying and by praying.

Jesus spoke in Revelation chapter 3 to the Church of laodicea and warn them that because they were neither hot nor cold but they were lukewarm that he would spew them out of his mouth. I don’t know what level of Faith you walk with. I don’t know if you are hot cold or lukewarm.

My prayer for you and prescription for growing your faith is to read one Proverbs chapter every day and one set of 5 Psalms chapters every day. By doing this you will read both the Proverbs and Psalms in one month. In one year you will have read over them 12 times meaning that you will have the opportunity to start memorizing many of these passages. This will cause you to increase your understanding your knowledge and your wisdom and help you grow a new hunger for the word of God.

And before you open your own Bible I ask you to pray this simple prayer to make your Bible reading more impactful and effective. Pray:“Teacher teach me this Living Word open my spiritual eyes and ears that I might see in here what you O God want me to hear.”

If you grow in spiritual maturity it is important to be taught in a way that helps you to grow leaps and bounds.

In my own personal study, I have learned that it’s hard to listen to milk-toast pastors. Last I have sought the teaching of those that are deeply led by the spirit of God and who teach absolute truth. I share these links to encourage you to grow, not to proselytize you or try to move you away from your home Church.

The pastor is Ron Carpenter from Greenville North Carolina. His church is called Redemption Church. It is a multicultural Church but has now grown to spend seven cities.

The links I give you are to the first of a series often of eight or more teachings. You can find all of his teachings on YouTube.com.

Search: Ron Carpenter 2016 or Ron Carpenter 2017 to see the series below.





He has been teaching for 25 years and has a number of series not mentioned here. Seek them out and grow your faith. Ignite the fire within your soul. Grow with a new hunger for God’s word.