9. Evaluations & Reviews

Evaluations and reviews are a critical function of every nonprofit organization. Without proper evaluations and reviews, a center is destined to have problems.

A performance evaluation is typically an opportunity for the board of directors to meet and discuss an employee’s performance. No matter how great a job you may think you are doing, we all have areas we need to improve in.

Rather than making the reviews seem like a firing squad, the performance review should be comfortable, to be an exchange of ideas and suggestions.

The goal of any review our performance evaluation is to improve your abilities, not to tear you diwn

Benefits of a Performance Evaluation

Such an evaluation system will provide many benefits including helping you too:

1. Better understand your skills and needs and how to meet those needs.

2. Monitor progress toward those objectives more efficiently and more effectively.

3. Learn from every evaluation.

4. Increase your own productivity and effectiveness.

As you set goals objectives and a desired vision for the future of your role as the client advocate, identify ways to measure and use that information to make your organization the best it can be.