8. Handling Disputes Biblically

Read James 4:7-10

To resolve any disputes that may arise during a meeting with your clients or meeting with any of your hired staff. Be sure to repent of any selfishness and humble yourself to the others and before God.

Four Key Biblical Steps to Solve Disputes

1. Judge your selfish motives. (4:1-3)

2. Turn from all spiritual adultery and humbly entreat God’s grace. (4:4-6)

3. Submit to God, resist the devil and repent from all sin. (4:7-10)

4. To resolve conflicts, stop judging others and submit to God’s Will and Word. (4:11-12)

Read Proverbs 3:34

“God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

Therefore submit to God unconditionally, draw close to God and humble yourself before God

Thus it is very important that any dispute be handled in a Biblical way.