– 7.1 Position Considerations

When a woman reaches out for her pregnancy alternatives, you’ll become her advocate.

You’ll listen to her story and seek to understand her concerns.

As you offer information about pregnancy options that is factually correct and approved by your center’s executive director and board of directors. The goal of your advocacy role is to support and equip her to make an informed decision — with the hope and encouragement that she would choose a life-giving option for herself and her unborn child.

Male Client Advocates are also needed in centers that cater to the needs of men who are the likely father of the possible pregnancy.

As a trained Client Advocate the men who accompany our female clients may be served by a trained Male Client Advocate volunteer.

Most local pregnancy centers offer some form of training for their client advocates.

Some centers do not have the budget to pay a salary. These centers will ask you to volunteer your time. An average nonprofit volunteer client advocate my work only 3 days a week, for only four hours.

Thus, speaking with the center nearest you will help you decide whether it is a volunteer or paid position. Average paid salaries in pregnancy centers range from minimum wage to $8-$10 per hour and typically are less than full time.