1. Are you called?


Let's find out!


One of the fundamental prerequisites of being an effective client advocate is to know that you are called by God. Romans 8:28

God calls those who are to serve Him as a leadership role in a pregnancy resource center because each center is a religious 501 (c)3 organization.


You will have a deep inner knowing that God has given you.

The Bible tells us that He knew us in the womb, even called us, named us and in some cases has called a nation into existence.

Further, Paul tells us that God predestined us, called us and chose us.

Bible references:
Romans 11:29
1 Corinthian 7:20
Ephesians 1:18
Philippines 3:4
II Timothy 1:9
Hebrews 3:10
II Peter 1:10

Thus, you should know if you have been called. Now, if you have been called, you are likely to also be gifted by God to perform your duties as a client advocate.


The benefits of knowing that you have been called are that you will be a more effective, competent client advocate. You will also have God’s favor in every decision or client interaction you will encounter.

Stop for a moment to think about your life. Can you point to a time when you sensed God’s calling in your life?


1. There is a deep burden on your heart you can’t shake.

2. There is a scriptural passage that encourages you to step out in faith to serve others.

3. When you pray you have the sense that God is calling you to have more faith.

4. You have a seed of Faith ready to believe and not doubt that God is able to lead you in this endeavor.

5. God will bring someone into your life to encourage or confirm your calling ( spouse, Pastor or Godly friend)

6. It feels like sin to you, not do what you have been called to do.

How do I know I have been called?

Did you know that we have all been called to the ministry of “RECONCILIATION” by Jesus Christ?

We’ve all been called to live godly lives in this hostile world that rejects Christ. Many believe that “ministry” is the job of only the pastor or priest. Many center volunteers think of their role as only a part time role of helping the director.

The fact is pastors, volunteers, directors and yes, even more, client service directors or client advocates have been called to equip God’s people for the works of service. They have been called to a ministry of helping other people discover and fulfill their calling!

Look at Ephesians 4:11-12:
“11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” We have all been created with a special purpose.”

We have all been called to bring God glory and find our joy and significance through the application of God’s gifts he gives you, and through your experiences, your passion, your position in life, and your personality etc.

The fact is that you and I who care, care only because God has called us to care. You have been given life to bring glory to God and to serve others.

Thus, if HE calls us, HE, then alone; gifts us and provides for us to be able to do that which HE is asking us to do by following HIS CALL.

What is my calling?

Bible: Isaiah 6:”The Temple Vision” of Isaiah

What does this Temple vision tell me about my calling?

What does my Faith tell me about my Vocation? Bible: Exodus 3 ‚”The Burning Bush‚”- Moses

How was Moses called?
As you read this passage do you see that God knows the suffering women have been put thru at the hands of the abortionists? Does HE not care? Does HE not care for the scared pregnant single mother?

How do I find Meaning and Purpose?

Bible: Genesis 12:1-9; 13:14-17;and 15 –Abraham After reading the ‚”Call‚” ask yourself if you have realized your own calling?

How do I Discern God‚’s Call?

Bible: Joshua 1:1-9. Joshua

How was Joshua’s ”call‚” the same as others we have studied? How was it different? Read Joshua 1-7. Would you have obeyed God’s command as Joshua did? Will you respond to God’s calling and command in your own life?

How Do I Achieve Vocational Integrity?

Bible: I Samuel 1- 3:11; and 1 Samuel ”Hannah and Samuel

Notice how God addresses Hannah and Hannah’s response. Compare Hannah’s ”call‚” to that of Mary and her rejoicing afterward Luke 1:26-56 Samuel is the first Major Prophet of the Bible. He worked very closely with King’s Saul and David.

How Do I Live With Joy in the face of Disappointment?

Bible: Jeremiah 1:1-10

Jeremiah lived with tremendous disappointment with his people.

How do I pursue my Vocation beyond my Career?

Bible: Ezekiel 1-3

Ezekiel was a priest called to be a prophet. How do we discern God’s ”call” in the midst of what we are already doing?

What can I Learn from Others?

Bible: Mark 1:16-20; Matthew 4:18-22‚”Simon, Andrew, James, and John

Notice here that Jesus calls together a group not just one person to carry out God’s will. Are you trying to do this job all by yourself or will you agree, all things are better when we do it as a group?

How Can I Be a Co-Creator with God?

Bible: Acts 9:1-18 –Paul

Read the rest of the Book of Acts to see how God used Paul. In what ways did Paul become a ”Co-Creator with God?” As a called one, he goes forth in obedience to do and say what God gave him to say to the best of his learned ability.

A prayer you should start every day of your life with is this: “Spend me for YOUR GLORY today!”

How does the Bible shape my Ministry?

Bible: Matthew 3:13-4:1; Luke 3:21-22;4:1-30

”Jesus Notice how Jesus’s “call‚” was different from everyone else! What does it mean to have a ‚”call” upon your life?

Compare your ”calling” to that of Paul and Jesus.