10. Advance your organization

One of the key responsibilities of a client advocate is to advance your organization publicly in the community where you live.

The success of your organization literally depends upon what you can add to the centers advancement.

Thus, be ready to give an answer to anyone you speak to about your organization. A great way to do this is to write down the mission and Community impact of your organization is a one-minute message.

Now memorize and practice this one minute message so that you can actually say it from your heart with passion.

Be ready to speak on radio or cable or television. Assist your executive director when he or she has to appear on radio or TV.

Go with your executive director when she or he has to speak at churches.

If you are a member of a public club like the Rotary Club or womens club, arrange for a meeting with your program director with your executive director.

If your church has a women’s ministry leader have her meet for lunch with your executive director in yourself.

In other words, advance your organization in any way you can and that will contribute more to your center then just simply serving clients in your center.