What can you bring to your center?

What can you bring to the center you represent?

As you think about the Magi that visited Jesus when he was born. They brought gifts. As a volunteer Church liaison or advocate, serving a local Pregnancy Resource Center or nonprofit organization, consider what gift God has given you that you can bring to this organization.

If you have a background in social services, your training can enhance your service role.

If you have experienced pregnancy loss (abortion or miscarriage) you will be able to relate to the client better.

If you have midwifery experience or given birth to children, you can relate your experience to what your client is going through.

Ask God what gift he has given you. Make this gift available to the organization you serve. This will help the organization significantly.

Every volunteer should be an active member of your center which means attend all events that the organization sponsors. Become an evangelist for the organization. Tell all your friends and coworkers about the organization. Talk to your pastor or priest and invite him to come with you to meet the director.

And don’t forget, as a volunteer representative or ambassador for the center, you may be the first contact a member of your church sees or learns about your organization. You might even assist her, point her to her appointment for a pregnancy test or sonogram, don’t forget: it is important for you to be a glowing example of God’s love and humility for everyone in the organization. Always be ready to give an answer for the hope within you.

Bring your gift to the organization you serve and that will make it a wonderful experience for everyone.

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