Other considerations


When a woman reaches out to a pregnancy alternatives, you are to become her advocate.

You should listen to her story, observe her body language and eye contact and seek to understand her concerns.

As you offer information about pregnancy options that is factually correct and approved by your represented center’s executive director and board of directors. The goal of your liaison advocacy role is to support and equip her to allow the center help her to make an informed decision — with the hope and encouragement that she would choose a life-giving option for herself and her unborn child.

Male volunteers are also needed in centers that cater to the needs of men who are the likely father of the possible pregnancy. Thus, as the liaison, you may discover a male leader.

As a trained male volunteer, the men who accompany a female client may be served by a trained Male volunteer. So, don’t forget to look into the men’s ministry of your church to talk to men who may want to help in that area.

Most local pregnancy centers offer some form of training for their volunteers specific to their center. You will need to aware of this training so that you can educate your members who may be interested in attending. If you see someone hesitant about attending, invite them to go to the training with you.

Remember, you are doing this work as a volunteer. If you do a really good job being a liaison, they may very well ask you to volunteer your time also inside the center. An average non-profit volunteer may work only 3 days a week, for only four hours. If this is something you might want to do in the future, plan to hand the baton of Liaison volunteering to someone you can trust to keep the vision and responsibilities alive

Thus, speaking with the center nearest you will help you decide whether your role as a volunteer church liaison or advocate is needed.